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Why ziplock bag factory?

2011-05-16 14:25:13

Why ziplock bag factory? Well, they are the poor man¡¯s (or whoever wants to use them) alternative to the pricey waterproof bags you can buy to stick your phone in while running. They are cheap enough that when they wear out you can just ¡®borrow¡¯ another of the kids¡¯ lunch bags and keep on running.

Provided you have a good quality (these can still be quite cheap) bag, there should be no leakage into the bag. In order to minimise the chance of my bag opening at anytime I like to expel as much air, out of the bag, as possible, before hand.

They also come in a variety of sizes, double ziplock, single ziplock, with characters on the packet and in blue, green or red. There is no need to order from a specialty shop and pay for delivery, as you can simply pick up a box of 50, 75, or 150 from the local supermarket. Just don¡¯t use the ones you get from the bank, because they have tiny holes in them.

Having said this, and recommending them, I wouldn¡¯t attempt to take them swimming or drop them in a puddle and see how long it takes to become waterlogged, but I would just use them, in my bum bag to protect my phone from the cold winter rain as I run the paths.

Note: I had the perfect opportunity to try one out last week when I was out running and it started to rain. I was soaked from head to toe within 5 minutes. Upon getting home my phone, inside it¡¯s ziplock bag, was still as dry as when I first put it in there. If I had needed to contact anyone, and it was raining, I would have been able to send a sms without take the phone from it¡¯s bag. And, the rain was cold.

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Why ziplock bag factory? - Anhui Meixiang Plastic Co.,Ltd
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