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Plastic is a lighter material

2011-05-14 10:38:19

ziplock bag factory Plastic products are plastic as the main raw material processed for daily use, industrial supplies collectively.

First, an overview of the composition and classification of plastic products

(A) the concept of plastic

Plastics are a class of synthetic polymer plastic material. It with synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber to form an indispensable everyday life of today's three major synthetic material. Specifically, the plastic is a synthetic resin as the main ingredient, to a certain temperature and pressure conditions may be made of some plastic shape, the shape at room temperature to maintain the same material.

(B) The main performance characteristics of plastics

Plastics and other materials compared to the following aspects of the performance characteristics.

1. Weight

ziplock bag Plastic is a lighter material, the relative density distributed between 0.90-2.2. It is clear that plastic can float to the surface? In particular, foam plastic, because there are porous, lighter weight, the relative density of only 0.01. This feature makes the plastic can be used to reduce the weight of the products require production.

2. Excellent chemical stability

The vast majority of plastic to acid, alkali and other chemicals have a good corrosion resistance. In particular, commonly known as Teflon plastic King (F4), its chemical stability, even better than gold, on the "aqua regia" and cooked 10 hours are not degenerate. Since F4 has excellent chemical stability, is an ideal corrosion-resistant materials. If F4 can be used as transport corrosive and viscous liquid pipe material.

3. Excellent electrical insulation properties

Ordinary plastic is a poor conductor of electricity, its surface resistance, volume resistance of large numbers that can reach 109 with a 1018 Ohm. Breakdown voltage of large and small dielectric loss tangent. Therefore, the plastic in the electronics industry and machinery industry has a wide range of applications. Such as plastic insulated control cables.

4. Poor conductor of heat with a silencer, shock absorption effect

In general, the thermal conductivity of plastics is relatively low, the equivalent of steel 1/75-1/225, the porous foam

Containing gas, heat, noise, vibration and better sex. Such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermal conductivity of steel is only 1 / 357, aluminum, 1 / 1250. In the heat insulation capacity, single-glass plastic window higher than the single-glass windows 40%, DOUBLE GLAZING 50% higher. The plastic form when combined with the insulating glass in residential apartments, offices, wards, hotel use in the winter to save heating and summer air-conditioning costs savings, the benefits are clear.

5. Mechanical strength, wide distribution and high specific strength

Some plastic hard as stone, steel, and some soft, such as paper, leather; from plastic hardness, tensile strength, elongation and impact strength and other mechanical properties of view, and wide use of a great choice. Due to a small proportion of plastic, high strength, and thus has a high specific strength. Compared with other materials, plastic, there are also obvious disadvantages, such as combustible, stiffness than metal high, anti-aging poor, non-heat-resistant and so on.

(C) the development trend of plastic

Direction of development of plastic can be summarized in two aspects. One is to improve performance, that is, ways of modification of existing varieties, so overall performance is improved; second is to develop functions, namely, development of light, electricity, magnetism and other physical features of the polymer materials, so that plastics can have the photoelectric effect, thermoelectric effect, piezoelectric effect and so on.

From the current rate, the world's plastics industry, Germany and Sweden ranks first, followed by Japan and some European countries, the United States slow. At present, foreign plastic packaging show the following trends:

(1) copolymer composite packaging film: At present, some European and American countries invest heavily in the development of non-polar, polar ethylene copolymers, etc., which will greatly enhance the tensile and co-extruded plastic film performance, and enhance transparency, seal strength, anti-stress, anti - cracking, as well as to enhance stability and performance, to improve the rheological properties of molecular weight of cloth and extrusion.

Foreign experts say: the current world focus on the development of the plastics industry of plastic modification, plastic products, coating technology, the rapid bio-degradable plastic waste, as well as plastic recycling integrated technology. Some vendors, such as Europe and the United States to adopt a linear copolymer of ethylene--ene and ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer mixture / PA bag, suitable for packaging ice cream, cream and other food categories.

(2) The versatility of composite film: a large number of foreign films to develop multi-functional complex role in the further refinement. For example: cold films can be resistant to -18 , -20 , -35 low temperature environment; on the PP to make moisture-proof handle made of moisture-proof film and its products can be divided into moisture, anti-condensation, anti-steam and cold water can be adjusted such as several types; corrosion film can be packaged perishable, great acidity, sweetness great food; friction film stacking stability; special PE film resistant to chemical, corrosion-resistant; moth films added no smell repellents; two-way pull stretch nylon heat-resistant film 66 to replace the two-way stretch nylon 6 packed food, its temperature up to 140 ; new dedicated food packaging food packaging film can improve the security fragrance; non-crystalline glass-like transparent nylon film; high-shielding film can protect color, smell, taste, nutrition indicators and taste the quality of stability; metal protection film modified with LDPE film packaging liquid products, in low-temperature environment can be heat sealing; in order to enhance the packing PP synthetic paper lightfastness, resistance to cold-resistant heat, water resistance, resistant to moisture, anti-oily, acid resistance, anti-alkali, and impact properties.

Current foreign popular plastic cups, composite cup (outer PSP, inner PP, lid PS) packaging cold, hot drinks, alcohol, convenience food. French PE bottles packed with fructose, yogurt, Germany, with the PC bottles of milk. China's PE bottles with medicine.

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