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The Classification of Plastics

2011-05-14 10:25:23


china ziplock bag At present industrial production of plastics have been hundreds of species, of which there are more than 60 kinds of commonly used common classification method is as follows:

(A) by post-performance plastics division of heat

1. Thermoset

This class is characterized by plastic at a certain temperature, after a certain time of heating or curing agent to join after Curing.

After curing of plastic, texture hard, and do not dissolve in any solvent, or heating methods can be used to soften again. Heating temperature is too high it will decompose. Common thermoset plastics are: bakelite, electric jade, decorative plates and unsaturated polyester plastics. Figure

2. Thermoplastics

This class is characterized by heat to soften plastic, cools and solidifies, generally only the process of physical changes while maintaining its chemical nature. Class plastic resin, mostly Gazuit made. Common thermoplastics include: cellulose nitrate plastics, cellulose acetate plastic, polyethylene plastic, polypropylene plastic, polystyrene plastic, PVC and so on. For example, we have a common mineral water bottles, plastic bags and so on.

(B) the scope of application of plastics division

1. GE Plastics

Plastics mainly refers to the production of such large, use wide, low price and a class of plastics. They accounted for about 80% of plastic production. Main varieties are: polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polystyrene, phenolic and amino plastics.

2. Plastics

Generally refers to in engineering as a structural material of plastic. Type of plastic is characterized by significant mechanical strength, resistance to chemical corrosion and high temperature performance, strong, and can replace metal or do other special uses. Main varieties are: polyamide, polycarbonate, poly-formaldehyde, polysulfone, ABS, polyphenylene oxide, fluorine plastics.

(C) of the Combustible attainment

1. Flammable plastics

After the plastic case of fire of such intense burning and difficult to extinguish. Such as cellulose nitrate plastics, such plastics are classified as dangerous goods.

2. Flammable plastic

Such plastic case of fire burning, non-self-extinguishing, but burn faster. Such as polyethylene, polypropylene and so on.

3. Flame retardant plastics

Such plastics can be in a strong fire burning from the fire extinguished soon after. Such as phenolics, cellulose acetate plastic, PVC and so on.

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The Classification of Plastics - Anhui Meixiang Plastic Co.,Ltd
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